Seniors Class of 2017

So I have not been as busy as I would like, but I did have the chance to photograph a few awesome seniors.

They are the class of 2017 and they are poised to take over the world. Beautiful, bright, amazing young ladies!!

I am so honored that I had the chance to capture your senior photos for you!

Enjoy your senior year! Take it all in. In the blink of an eye time passes and it becomes a distant memory you wish you could hold onto just a bit longer.


CONGRATULATIONS Elora, MaKayla, and Jacqueline!



2015 Grand Rapids Comic-Con

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a geek/nerd at heart.

Three years ago, when I first heard about Grand Rapids Comic-Con, I was super excited. For years I have been dreaming about going to similar conventions, like the big one in San Diego. When the first Grand Rapids Comic-Con was held, I was not able to go, due to it selling out immediately. It was a small space (the home school building in Wyoming) and they had no clue of the sheer number of people it would draw immediately.

Second year I was fortunate to be able work at the convention, which moved to the DeltaPlex, and I loved every moment. I got to meet Nichelle Nichols, Lt. Uhura, on the original Star Trek. That was an honor, one I will cherish always.

Now, in its third year, it has moved to it’s rightful location, DeVos Place. I walked into the convention center and was totally in awe of the costumes, the presentation of the convention and just how well ran it all was. The costumes are always the highlight and the convention goers really brought it this year. I wish I had a chance to catch the costume contest and some of the panels and such but, with me working most of the weekend, my time was limited.

This year I was honored to be able to meet Caroll Spinney. Meeting the man behind the bird and the grouch, surreal. To be able to speak with the man that had been a part of the amazing legacy that was/is Jim Henson and the Muppets, absolutely incredible. I have been a huge fan of Henson and the Muppets since I can remember. It was like meeting my childhood hero. Big Bird was my favorite when I was itty bitty actually. (Check out the cake for my fourth birthday)
Also at this years “con”, I was able to meet Mark Ryan, who voiced the character Bumblebee, and others, from the Michael Bay Transformers franchise. Marina Sirtis, who played Counselor Deanna Troi, on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Also Dickey Beer who worked on Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. I also met Walter Jones, one of the original Power Rangers but I didn’t get a chance to snag a photo which I regret. There were also many other comic book artists, artists and actors there as well. Plus a lot of fun activities and gadgets.

I am so happy to have the opportunity to work this awesome convention and hope to continue to work it year after year. It has been a completely amazing experience to see it grow so rapidly and have the chance to be a part of the beginnings of this awesome event.

It was a fun weekend. And one I will look forward to every year. I was dead tired by the end of it but didn’t want it to end.
I highly recommend going!


Natalia – Class of 2015

This beautiful young lady is my goddaughter (though I call her my niece).
I am so proud of the intelligent, strong and compassionate young lady she has become.
Stay strong, keep moving forward and always reach for your goals. (Yes totally cliche but I mean it).

Congratulations Natalia!!
I love you!

Allison and Andrew

There is absolutely nothing better than seeing two people in love.
I love engagement sessions for that reason. I love the energy from the couples that I photograph at the beginning of their journey towards forever.
Allison and Andrew are a prime example of that. They exude love, happiness and just a bond that is evident when you meet them.

Cannot wait until the wedding you two!

Grand Rapids Power Weekend

October 17 and 18, 2014 there was a fantastic event held.
The Grand Rapids Power weekend.
Kristian Grant and Michael Buxton put on this wonderful two night event.
The first night was a mixer for everyone to connect and enjoy the evening.
The second night was a fashion show that showcased fantastic fashion and some great local models.
Both of these nights were a blast. The energy was amazing and everything was flawless. Hopefully there will be more events like this in the future.


I have had the privilege of shooting this beautiful 14 year old for about three years I do believe.
She is such a talented and gifted dancer with a heart of gold.
It is a joy working with her and her family. They have been such a big support through my growth as a photographer, and it is so appreciated.

I always wanted to do a trash the shoe session, and this was just as fun as I thought it would be. Her shoes were what us in the ballet world refer to as “dead”, meaning little to no support and very uncomfortable, hence why we were able to have her en pointe, on concrete. She was a trooper through it all and the photos are wonderful.

Jamie – Deux Cheeks

One of my favorite things about being a photographer, inadvertently finding people you connect with.
That happened when I met this entrepeneur. We just hit it off and had such a blast together.

Jamie is the owner of Deux Cheeks eyewear, where she meticulously hand embellishes each pair of designer glasses.
This shoot is for a national publication, B.O.S.S-E Magazine, and that is very exciting for her and her business. I am excited to be the photographer she chose to use. Thank you Jamie!

Be sure to check out Deux Cheeks and their fantastic eyewear!

They are also on Facebook

Cecil and kids

I always love collaborating with the lovely Latesha Lipscomb owner of I Got Face Cosmetic Concierge. This time was no exception. It was such a moving and wonderful experience being able to photograph this single father and his children. It is not every day you see a single dad step up the way he has. Kudos to him and all the other single dads out there taking care of their children!! You deserve so much more credit and recognition than what you get!!



Hello there and WELCOME!!

My name is Michelle and I am a Grand Rapids, MI based photographer.
I love being behind the lens and creating memories for people.

I have been professionally shooting for approximately three years and hope to one day become very successful at my passion.
I love photography because of the beauty that is involved. I love photographing beautiful people, places and things. I love photographing unique things and locals also.

My dream? to become a photographer for celebrities, or work for a major magazine or online publication.

Photography is my soul, my drive, my passion and my goal is to provide memories and beautiful images that will stand the test of time.

Interested in booking a session?  please email

Thank you for checking out my blog, I hope you enjoy the images!!

Michelle Smith, photographer/owner