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Michelle Smith is a native of Grand Rapids, MI.

Since she was a child, she has had the eye and the passion for photography. People called her a “shutterbug” from middle school on, as she was known to have a camera handy.

She began casually studying photography in 2001. She would go to bookstores and read the photography books and take notes. It wasn’t until 2009 that she began taking her skills seriously and legitimately began pursuing photography as profession by taking classes and shadowing seasoned photographers.
It took her a while to realize her dream, now she is turning that dream and affinity for photography into a business. After mulling over using her name or initials in some way shape or form she decided to come up with a name other than her own (since it is very common).

She went with True Light Images for it’s name, which she feels explains her ability to see and feel the light within the subject of her art. To her photography is about being able to look at a photo and have it become almost a time capsule. Taking that moment and locking it down, creating a lasting memory to cherish

She has been professionally shooting for approximately five years and hopes to one day become very successful at her passion.

She loves photography because of the beauty that is involved. She loves photographing beautiful and unique people, places, and things.

Her dream? To become a photographer for celebrities, or work for a major magazine or online publication.

Photography is her soul, her drive, her passion. And her goal is to provide memories and beautiful images that will stand the test of time.

She considers her photography a type of editorial style with a bit of a flair and a bit more personal.

Before a session she enjoys consulting with the clients to get a feel for them to make the photos that much better and also add a bit more of a personal touch.

you can follow her personal blog here : Chelle’s Blog





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