NKOTB – Grand Rapids

Here are some images from when New Kids on the Block came to Grand Rapids in May.

Chelle's Blog

Saw my boys again on May 30th at the Van Andel Arena here in GR.

We had third row seats which was exciting. Until we actually got there.
Being short has it’s disadvantages, always. I totally had an obstructed view when we got to our seats. I could not see anything really. I was agitated because I expected a bit better (forgetting that floor seats can be a pain depending). I stood on a chair (even though I knew you weren’t supposed to) so I could see. Sure enough I got asked to get down by security. Then he took a second look with this thoughtful furrow to his brow and asked me and my friend to follow him. Next thing I know we we being escorted up to Top Shelf! I could not believe it. So we got to enjoy the concert right there next to the stage. It…

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