Brian and Suzie Haugen

Some fun images from Brian and Suzie’s wedding.
I was not the photographer, I just had my camera with me (of course) and snapped a few shots.

Chelle's Blog

Last week Saturday, June 13, 2015 Chris’s (my boyfriend) brother Brian married the love of his life Suzie.
It was a fun time and I am so happy for the both of them!
Chris was the best man in the wedding.
I snapped some photos of the lovely day, of course.
I just had a little fun with it, nothing serious, was not in wedding photographer mode (though I admit it kicked in for a moment). It is nice going to weddings and just being able to snap some photos and not have the pressure on.
Though I admit, I do miss shooting weddings. I feel more confident about them, and that’s a good feeling.

Congratulations Brian and Suzie!! I love you both!

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